kind of groups

There are four ways to put a group together:


There are two reasons to keep a group, whitch contains just of roosters:

  • just to have pets and doesn´t like eggs
  • wait until there is anough met to eat.


A group of roosters should always be kept without seeing or hearing the hens, as the roosters fight each other and injure / could kill.


A pure roosters group I have not yet held. The opinions on the compatibility of roosters diverge, however, so you should look carefully and try out whether they are compatible.


A group of hens is for owners who want to win food eggs, but do not need eggs for hatching. In most cases, the most harmonious group constellation.

small group

The usual small group moves from 1.3 to 1.6; that means a rooster on three to six hens. The exact number hens is oriented towards the sexual power of the rooster and to the target.

If this targeted high fertilization rates are achieved to Choose rather less hens. Should the group be as harmonious as possible, rather more hens.

big group

My preferred form of keeping is the large group. In this configuration, it is possible to have a rate of about 1:3, without the roosters fight each other. This is recommended if you breed at our own, but don´t want to kill all the extra roosters.

In a large group, the fertilization rate should be pretty good.