About me

Actually I wanted to rear chickens .


On a manageable land in a residential area it's possible to rear animals but only conditionally recommended depending on neighborhood.


Looking for alternatives I came across the laying quail. Relatively fast I got  two hens and timbered my first stall.


Admittedly the stall was a little bit warped.


From now on, every day I had two eggs. That was enough for a regular weekend breakfast buffet for two.


The little toad , whose legs are visible at the picture, eat those eggs like little chocolate candy ( small and round and with a Happs in the mouth ;-)) and for me these "mini chickens " are really related to much joy. So there was just one logical step to do: the enlargement of the stock.


In the Internet I was hatching eggs and rearing food .I take the selfmade breeder from my brother , modified it and got going .


For my first breeding attempt, I was amazingly successful . 8 healthy chicks from 10 eggs (Thanks to quail -shop.com for the great hatching eggs ) .


The pictures of the breed and the breeder you can see here .


Because10 quailswouldn't have enough room in my warped stall , I decided to build a birdhouse .


On 1.2.2014 14 -awake chicks are hatched.