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On this page I would like to inform you about the attitude of laying Quails and Seramas .


Quail and quail eggs are an expensive delicacy , but if you consider a few things, their husbandry is simple and straightforward.


Many people plant their own vegetables or raise chickens for their own requirements.


Especially the keeping of animals is more valid today than ever. About 90 % of chickens in factory farms are treated with antibiotics and kept under conditions which would spoil any appetite when we would see them ( but we only see the eggs cardboard with green meadow , or the clean frozen chicken for € 2.99 ) .


Keeping chickens isn't possible everywhere . There is a lack of space especially when the neighbors don't want to wake up at 6 clock from the tap , or the cackling disturbs sunbathing .



The solution ? The quail !


  • Quail do not need much space and fit into the smallest garden.
  • Quail are quiet . Each Blackbird is louder than the occasional " crows " a quail cock .
  • husbandry are low (about 4-5 cents per day per animal ) .
  • Quail eggs are very healthy and tasty!
  • Kids love boiled quail eggs!
  • My quails are held in aviaries only (At times, even in a large barn for pure colour fertilization). They can scrape in the ground and eat green fodder. I think that you can taste the difference!




  • Impounding animals in cramped cages (intensive farming) isn't an appropriate way of husbandry,  not just for poultry. Who have once seen how quails (in appropriate husbandry) can enjoy a bath in the earth or just chase an insect, knows that those animals don't belong in a narrow cage where they can't even move.