fledglings gather

For a fledgling's home one does not need a lot.




A rabbit cage, or similar (to the need also goes a big cardboard; there are good fledgling homes also in the shops of my link list)


A warm spring (Red light/dark emitter/fledglingdish) with some colour beating, as for example cinnamon, by no means red light take, because they can go blind!!!) it should be started with 38°C and then bit by bit something are reduced till possibly week three the ambient temperature is reached. Nevertheless, the fledglings register Best what they need. If they are thick under the warm spring it is pushed too coldly. If they spread laxly in the whole warm area it is right. If they sit in the circle around the warm spring, it is too warm)


Fledgling's drinks (no water bowl or drinks one too big water surface have, because the fledglings can otherwise drown)


On which the feed comes, or a fledgling's trough (the feed is distributed, nevertheless, everywhere)


As a base for the first days culinary role, Sprinkling is suited at the earliest from second till the third week, because the fledglings eat usually deadly (Starve by food of sprinkling)


Fledgling's breeding feed and in the first days blue poppy to bend forward failure (with pleasure also with sinking portion till week 2/3




The fledgling's home put Best in a quiet small space (storeroom, cellar), because the dust development is too strong for living rooms.




From week 3 one can feed green fodder in tiny amounts (with larger amounts failure) threatens with




grated cucumber


grated carrot


grated courgette


Bird's myrtle


plucked dandelion








From week 4/5 we start to change gradually on the ripe feed.




When the quails may move in the garden, is directed after the outside temperatures. If it is cold outdoors, the quails must be accustomed gradually to the temperatures (e.g., move in the cellar, then in the garage). In summer the Rau's putting is rather unproblematic.