My figures are for hobby keeping.

In the industrial keeping, but also in the targeted breed other sizes and types of keeping are considered acceptable.


For each barn / aviary (whether indoor or outdoor ) should be that the quail dry and drafts must be freely placed as security against predators , even against the digging through (Rats, weasels), must be guaranteed .


The minimum size for a room should not be less than 2 qm . On this surface, a group of 1.5 ( on a rooster 5 hens) are well kept.


More important than the size, ist the structure of the housing. What is present at hiding? How do I bid on water and food? What is the sand bath? What bedding do I have? (important for the cleaning interval)


First, you should consider how many quail you want to keep :

  • If I want to specifically breed on colors or other properties I need a stable with many boxes. (for example, been converted into a garage or garden shed?)
  • If  I just want some eggs for my family, reaches a small barn for a hen party. (for example, large rabbit hutch)
  • Do I want lots of eggs (perhaps because friends and neighbors have come to the taste) and perhaps as large a feel-good factor for the quail, makes an aviary sense.


I personally prefer the aviary. This has several advantages for me :

  •     larger group possible
  •     accessible (no need to crawl or implement the quails to tidy up and also the egg hunt is easier)
  •     lower risk of flight unless a lock is installed (quail can fly !)
  •     Animals are more trusting if you regularly located in the aviary , insteadgiving the feed in a small cage
  •     Space for accessories / food / etc . (can be placed on shelves or in the lock , instead of in the house / basement / garage )
  •     better observation possibilities (I have a bench in front of the aviary )


Here are a few pictures of my aviary.