As with all purchases, you have to talk also in animal husbandry over the money.





The actual attitude of the quail , as well as the acquisition of quail priced plays a subordinate role. More significant suggests the initial .




One-time costs :




  • The largest item on our shopping list is probably the barn / aviary . Here specify a price range is almost impossible. Here, however, may be worth looking into online used portals. Stables, aviaries and garden sheds are used many times cheaper. Who has some technical skill can create a great hostel for his new hobby here .


  • The minimum equipment for the quail barn you get already for about 10-20 € ( potions, feed silo , sand bath )


  • Additional equipment: infrared lamp / frost guard about 20 € ;


  • Buy Quail: Hen 4-10 € ; cock 3-5 € ; Hatching eggs about 20-40 cents








Regular Costs:




Lining: 15-20 € per 25kg


possibly grit stone about 2 €


Vogelsand about 50Cent 3 kg each












If you make the one-off costs in mind , to get as ongoing cost of about 4-5 cents per pet per day .