In princible, there are just three kinds of breeders:

  •     Cupboard breeder / engine breeder
  •     Surface breeder
  •     Minibreeders (which are in the strict sense, nevertheless, a surface breeder)

Surface breeder as well as cupboard breeder are available with or without automatic / semiautomatic idiom.

With both models one can reach excellent results if the quality of the eggs and the care are right before and during the brood.

pro and against

Surface breeder:
+ Little one, hence, also in the sitting room possibly
+ Much more favourably than cupboard breeder (from about 120€)
-in a surface breeder the number of the eggs is limited, because we have at disposal only one level (with quail's eggs for the amateur holder no disadvantage).
- surface breeders are most from Styropor or plastic. Cupboard breeder rather of wood or metal.
- To clean worse (at least the Styropormodele).
Cupboard breeder / engine breeder:
+ A lot of place
+ Long livingtime

+easy to clean
-very expensive (up to 300€)
-very largely

Here on minibreeder I would not like to come, because I hold them for toys. To incubate 7 eggs makes no sense. With a bad conception rate there slip three fledglings. One or Two are not maybe developed completely and die, then one must draw up a single fledgling. This is senseless not only Economically, but also is not appropriate to the species. The fledgling would also presumably come.

I would leave here also the possibility of the do-it-yourself construction not unmentioned one. One should make this, nevertheless, only if one has technical understanding. There are cultivation instructions, for example, also with Youtube. I myself hatch with a do-it-yourself construction. Costs lie with about 50€.